An Annual Conference on Architecture, Design and Planning

About ResearchVisions

Research Visions is a conference and exhibition celebrating student research in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning. This year’s events will focus on bridging research and practice, including how researchers can engage with, support and transition into the practice community.

A one-day conference featuring student presentations and guest speakers will take place at Darlington Centre on Tuesday, September 6th (program to come).

An exhibition of student work will be held in the Hearth, Wilkinson Building GO4 from 6-16 September.

Honours and higher degree research students are invited to present or exhibit their research.

Students, staff and the public are warmly invited to attend.

Date and Venue

Activity Venue Time
Abstract submission deadline ----- 22 August 2016
Poster submission deadline ----- 29 August 2016
Presentation submission deadline ----- 5 September 2016
Installation set-up deadline The Hearth, level2, (148 City Rd, Darlington, NSW, 2008, Australia) 5 September 2016
Conference and exhibition launch Darlington Centre Conference Room (174 City Rd, Darlington, NSW, 2008, Australia) and The Hearth (level 2, 148 City Rd. Darlington, NSW) 6 September 2016
Exhibition The Hearth, level2, (148 City Rd, Darlington, NSW, 2008, Australia) 6-16 September 2016


To be announced later